When I Get Married...

Maybe you were 10-years-old swinging in your backyard or 18-years-old talking on the phone with your friend, but at some point you dreamed of how perfect your wedding would be. No matter how old you are, you have more than likely always felt that one day you would be a beautiful bride.
Live Your Dream Wedding
The Bride BagTM encourages you to live out that dream.  Being a bride means that you get a chance at having one special day focused all on you.  This also means you are able to share your happiness and that bridal glow with the people that mean the most to you.
Planning Your Wedding
Moving past dreaming into planning. Planning your wedding day is exciting but may also be confusing and overwhelming; however, you don't have to plan alone. The Bride BagTM provides you with helpful hints and tools to get you started on creating your ultimate dream wedding.
Schedule Time to Plan your Wedding
The Bride BagTM Hint: Schedule time to plan your wedding.  You should dedicate a certain amount of time and day of the week specifically set for you to engage in activities focused on planning your big day.  Once you have decided on the day and time try to stick to that schedule, making it a routine will ensure that you are consistently working on planning your wedding.
Wedding Checklist
The Bride BagTM Hint: Create a checklist or to-do-list.  You should first begin by thinking of things you need to occur in order to see your wedding become a reality. This should be the easy part as you have been dreaming of this moment all your life, right?
Wedding Budget

The Bride BagTM Hint: Create a budget.  In order to make your dreams come true you will need to know exactly what you can afford. Think of the things you want; then, prioritize that list with the must haves at the top.   Begin researching the cost of the things that you want, and try to shop around so that you can compare prices to get the best deals.

Now you have set the foundation.  You learned above that you don't have to plan your wedding alone as The Bride Bag is here to help you along the way.  "It always seems impossible until it's done"-Nelson Mandela


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